Marvin Winrich

Marvin Winrich

Safety Consultant

Rockwell Automation

Active committee member of RIA R15.06 since 1985; RIA R15.08 since its inception 3 years ago; UL 1740 since 1985; and NFPA 79 "Electrical Safety of Industrial Machinery" (1986-2004). 

Safety Consultant at Rockwell Automation - Extensive global experience in robotics/automation safety training, risk assessments, CE compliance, automation safety compliance audits/validations, and consumer electronics safety. 

Marvin has performed many interesting robotics safety evaluations, including - automated guided vehicles (AGVs), autonomous industrial mobile robots (AMRs), autonomous lawnmowers, medical prescription filling systems, laser measurement of automotive catalytic converters, waterjet cutting of steel, gasoline refueling of cars for use by the general public, robotic book sorting system for public libraries, underwater remotely operated vehicles in nuclear power plants, large military aircraft paint removal system, large commercial aircraft fuselage multi-robot and AMR drilling/riveting/sealing, glass panel pick and place, postal mail sorting and palletizing systems, engine block castings.

Prior to joining Rockwell, Marvin was with Underwriters Laboratories (UL) for 28 years, where he co-authored ANSI / UL 1740, "Safety Standard for Robots and Robotic Equipment".