Gail Dyer

Gail Dyer

Sr. Automation Controls Engineer

Corning Incorporated

Gail Dyer is a Sr. Automation Controls Engineer at Corning Incorporated with over 11 years of experience in the robotics industry working with glass and ceramics. Gail works in a hands-on environment programming PLCs, HMIs, and robotic systems. She frequently conducts robot simulations and risk assessments for multiple businesses within the company to ensure that the system designs are efficient and safe. Gail has been instrumental in the success and implementation of many innovative robotic projects including one which resulted in a patent.

Gail is an RIA member and actively serves on the ANSI/RIA R15.06 and R15.08 standards committees. She co-led the team that developed the TR R15.706 technical report on user responsibilities.

Gail received her BS in Mechanical Engineering with robotics from Lake Superior State University and a MS in Integrated Manufacturing Systems Engineering from North Carolina State University.